Cleanliness & Safety


Our hotel rooms as well as our cuisine and all other rooms are always cleaned with certified and environmentally friendly products by Ecolab (www.ecolab.com). In the market for industrial hygiene and institutions since 1923 Ecolab sets the standard for innovation.

Hotel Laundry

Always in order, fresh and clean – all of the hotel’s laundry and linen have to be cleaned in absolutely best quality. Our towels, bed and table linen are washed or ironed in accordance with the Hygiene Codes by the laundry Stephan (www.waescherei-stephan.de).


Special services for allergic persons
To come to meet the varied needs of people with allergies we have allergy-friendly rooms which are set up properly. All materials used allow for a wet cleaning, carpets can be removed and all the pillows, blankets and mattress protectors are washable at 70 ° C min.

If you can not tolerate certain foods, please do not hesitate to contact our service personnel. According to your needs, we create your food.

A special room cleanup just before the guest’s arrival

  • cleaning without chemical substances (using a professional steam device)
  • washing or removing carpets
  • laundering beddings, pillows, and mattress upholstery layers at 70°C

Renting an air purifier LUX AEROGUARD - certified product
(TÜV Nord System STG 2209/06)

  • a dust particles filter
  • a HEPA filter
  • a carbon filter
  • a UV lamp for exterminating viruses and bacteria
  • a modern ionizer


The hotel’s reception is always staffed 24 hours a day (365days).
The entire hotel (meeting and hotel rooms, lobby, restaurant, cuisine, cocktail bar and so on) has a modern, multi-fire detection (www.bosch-sicherheitssysteme.de).

All entrance and driveway areas are 24h/7days supervised by industrial cameras (www.mobotix.com) in accordance with the statutory provisions on data protection (BDSG) and is necessary to improve the safety of our guests.
On weekends a security company controls the entranceway and car park area.


Rooms and Rates

single room *)
Standard: € 70,50 - € 129,00
Business: € 76,50 - € 139,00
double room *)
Standard: € 92,00 - € 159,00
Business: € 102,00 - € 169,00
family room *)
€ 129,00 - € 179,00
in room of parents children under the age of 8 years
1 dog on room
EUR 10,00

*) incl. breakfast buffet


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